#3106 – "i'm like the village library, nobody ever uses me…"


that was a fun trip for the weekend! i was already missing michelle and jen when i was on the plane coming back, though… 🙁 i want to talk with and see them again… *pout*

dear god, what’s up with these helicopters??? the medivac helicopter keeps flying overhead and it sounded like it was landing across the street at the stadium earlier.

some muscle in my right armpit is killing me, i think i strained it too much.

added hwbourre to my friends list after playing the lamest game of truth or dare last night, but “ricky two shoes” is the best name ever!

i’m still kind of wide awake though it ought to feel like it’s 6 in the morning to me. i’m going to bed now since i need to be at work at 7.