#3100 – still no word

still no word about that position – i checked my work email over the web like crazy the entire day (bruno_boy can attest to this).

worked out a few more travel plans with festive. i know geminid and jschlackman want to get together sometime this weekend, but i still don’t know if we’re going to reading or they’re coming to london or what day we’d be meeting up or what. either saturday or sunday is fine, i suppose – we just need to figure out when to do this all. i’m going to be wandering by myself for friday, though, but it’s not that bad.

i sent betsy a text today, but she might have been in bed already. i guess i’ll try again tomorrow, or if she and/or jay see this they can just reply, hah…

anybody need me to bring anything?

about 40 hours to go!