#3090 – like a fun sort of torture

when i wake up i use my computer + itunes + itunes alarm + obnoxious music to wake up by. this is fantastic, because not only does it help my ass get up in the mornings, but i can choose from any one of my 12129 songs, and i don’t get used to any one particular alarm!

tomorrow, i think i’m going to be woken up by “hungarian rhapsody no. 2” by liszt – i’ve got it cued up exactly six minutes into the song… if that at full blast from my surround sound speakers around my room in 4 hours doesn’t wake me up, i’ll have died during the night.

i’m nervous about this interview – i think i did ok, but for some of the questions i had to add “i don’t know if that answers your questions, but it’s the best i could think of off the top of my head”, and others i felt i was just rambling on and on. most of the questions are in the “stars” format – situation, task, something, something, and something else. basically, they ask you what you did in a particular situation, and expect you to be specific about what it was that you did, what happened when you did it, and what was the final outcome. good thing i prepped myself beforehand by writing down possible responses to their questions before the interview, and just chilled in the back office. hopefully i get it – from what i heard, and what i was told when i asked after the interview, it’s pretty much the same sort of customer care rep stuff i do now, except since it’s for government accounts it’s on a much larger basis (as in “thousands-of-line accounts” larger basis). when they asked me what i liked about my current job, i told them that i liked it when i helped a customer out who’s been so screwed up from the get-go that i completely change their impression of the company and get them satisified and taken care of. when they asked what i like the least, i said i hated it when i have a customer who is absolutely demanding and uncompromising in their views when i’m doing all that i can to help them out – i like it when i can get their situation taken care of in the end (i even said it gives me the “warm fuzzies”, can you believe that?), but i absolutely can’t stand it when they get pissed off at me when i’m the one trying to fix their issues.

i also think it’s hilarious how they asked me some question involving productivity and quotas, and i told them how i have a lower productivity score than the other reps since i’m working on the back-office stuff more than they are, and so deal less with the face-to-face customers (which is true) – i went on some tangent about how with our productivity, while we may be expected to sell customers data products and accessories and such for their phones, i have a much more different view of that then many of the other people i work with. i went on some long speech how i was hired as a customer care representative – i was hired to help the customers, take care of their issues, satisfy them, and get them out of the door – that’s the MAIN reason why i was hired. while i’m expected to sell data products and accessories to customers, you will NOT find me pushing them on customers who don’t want or need them – that i leave to the sales reps. however, if i’m helping out a customer who i see could use these in some fashion, then i’ll tell them about it as long as they want to listen. drew, my old manager (who is now up at headquarters too), he probably would have gotten a big kick out of that, haha… he and i always used to talk with each other about how we were hired especially for our skills in helping out customers, and not because of whether or not we had the ability to fill out a form that showed what products we offered to what customers.

during that speech i went on, though, i could have probably used a downward slide-whistle accompaniment to represent my chances of getting this job. so, i may or may not hear about the position tomorrow. i hope i get it though, headquarters would rock much more than the store channel.

in other news, i should have worked on part of a project that is supposed to be due tomorrow – i need to simplify my enhanced relational diagram for my databases class into relational tables… wheefun. i’ll do it after work gets out for me tomorrow, since there’s a 3-hour break between the two.