#3084 – what a catch

what i did today:

– updated radiokrud

– bought network adapter & componet video cable for anne’s ps2

– was waved at by a mini convertible on the way home

(lucky bastard, he was sticking his arm wayyyy up straight up in the air, easy to do when there’s NO ROOF. i opened my sunroof and did something similar to the next mini i saw, but i don’t think they noticed.)

– went to the baseball game

(i got there just before the game started – between the national anthem and the umpire yelling “play ball!” – lucky me, especially considering how far away i had to park after the debacle that was trying to park in an official lot. i had been on the fence about going, considering how windy it was supposed to be, but it wasn’t too bad and helped make the game interesting since people had to run all over to catch the ones blown by the wind. we won 4-0 😀 dad wants to go to a baseball game with me – i want to go to one with him too, so he and i need to work our schedules out so we can.)

– went to umbc for fraternity meeting

– came back home, dad was watching the recording of the baseball game (he didn’t know who had won yet, so i didn’t tell him)

– played baseball on the ps2 until 4 am (soo addictive ;_; and yes, i was playing baseball in the “hose” XDD)

– checked to see how my recording of “speedy” and other harold lloyd movies came out (ARGH CHOPPED IN HALF STUPID FUNKY START TIMES >_< i hope it's not chopped up much, i wanted to burn these to a dvd! 🙁 ) what i'm doing tomorrow: - wake up, have breakfast - try copying bruno_boy‘s uncle’s tape to the computer

– go to class

– finish the mix cd(s) for somethinguseful

– go to class

– come home