#3080 – worth a shot

i’m going to enter a photography competition for “emerging artists” – no joke! 😀 i just figured, why the not? i can submit 3 of my pictures, and so i need to narrow it down… i’ve got an idea of which ones, though… (why do i suddenly feel like i’m in “project runway”??? o_o)

last night i had a dream where i went to a museum all about indiana jones’ whip. what in the hell?

today at work i think something was really odd… customers were actually nice to us! one lady said we were very pleasant to work with, and i said “april fool!” and she laughed. another lady i helped out with a problem she’d been having issues with for 3 months, and i sorted it out right quick and got her all taken care of, and she was very impressed. then, a lady and her husband were buying a phone before we closed, and he was taking forever, and she started to say to him “hurry it up, dear, they close at 9!” normally people say “boy are we glad we got in before the store closed! help us now!!”

erm, i probably should have gone to bed hours ago. at least i don’t work until 12:30… DAMN YOU, FLICKR!! it’s too addictive 😛