#3211 – questions 5

5 question meme, from distante!

1. what made you chose UMBC for schoolage?

it’s a good school for information systems, and since that was what i planned to do and that was the place to be, that’s where i went! it sucks when there’s other, cheaper places i could go that would be more fun, but since umbc is highly regarded for their information systems program it’s best that i stay there…

2. what are you the most scared of?

i don’t know why, but falling or something in the road at high speed and getting my teeth knocked out by the asphalt o_o;;;

3. when did YOU first get into anime, and what was the series?

it was sometime probably sophomore or junior year or so of high school (so around ’98-’99), zenmetsu showed me and some pals “ghost in the shell”, “akira”, “ranma 1/2”, and “record of lodoss war”

4. what is your favorite of all the european countries you visited in January?

they ALL were so much fun, that i want to go back to each of them! but, i have to say that the one that i enjoyed the most on that particular trip was italy! the city was so neat to see, it was the most tourist-friendly of all the cities (i didn’t really see people anywhere else walking around with their guidebooks), and the weather was fantastic in the high 60s and sunny the first day there that it made such a nice impression with me. i didn’t like the subway system though – it didn’t have the coverage that other cities’ subways had, and it was a little creepy too! o_o;

5. What’s your favorite candy? XD

ANY. -_-v XD

let me know if you want me to ask you 5 questions, or ask me 5 questions of your own in the comments!