#3209 – 4 hours of sleep

last night i got about 4 hours of sleep… fell asleep around 2:30 am, woke up at 6:30 for work, and almost fell asleep a few times at work. even got hit in the family jewels by a can of red bull when it was tossed to me when i wasn’t paying attention very well. oops. anyway, i don’t think i’ve gotten more than 6 hours or so of sleep in the past few days… that’s probably not very good.

last night i dreamt that festive and i were taking some sort of class. i don’t know exactly what the class was about, but the professor looked like john cleese (except not as funny :P), and we were taking a quiz or exam or something in the class. since it was going to be rather difficult we ended up cheating on the quiz or exam by looking at pictures of the answers – we had previously taken with my cameraphone and helped each other out by whispering back and forth during the quiz or exam, haha.

next i went to a computer class, except in this computer class we used old original macintosh computers (that we had to unpack from their carrying bags). these had black ‘n white screens (which is important to keep in mind a little further on). i don’t really remember what the professor looked like, or exactly what we were doing with the computers, but we sat around and plugged different things into the computers – i specifically remember plugging and unplugging cables into the computer, but i don’t know what was on the other end, but if i had to guess i’d guess an external projector to mirror the computer’s display. at one part we were able to do some individual work on our computers, and i ran a program called “earthquake” that was designed to take a picture of a map and it would show what the area would look like after an earthquake (not very good, it just split the picture up into different squares and then would shuffle them around, similar to this except the squares would start shaking around and overlapping and distort onscreen). at one part, though, the pictures started to distort so much that it was displaying them in COLOR on the black and white screens, and started to look like pictures of the inside of hillcrest (specifically, the rattskeller). the professor looked at it and said something about how he wanted the program too, so i was going to email it to him (from this old macintosh computer, mind you), except for one problem: the program was over 10 MB in size, so my email program that i was going to use wouldn’t let me send it. i decided to chop up the program into smaller chunks and email them seperately, but when i tried that i realized that it wouldn’t let me do that either because for some odd reason my email program didn’t support MIME types and i couldn’t send attachments. i got upset and started to complain about it not letting me send when idalia, this 30-something year-old single mother that i work with (who also studied information systems, so it’s not unusual for her and i to talk back and forth about information systems stuff) showed up and said “oh snap! you didn’t know that??” and then she walked away laughing. it wasn’t long after that that i woke up.

i can’t wait for my next day to be able to sleep in on, i’ve been so tired lately… *yawn*