#3076 – on a happier note, an ego boost

on a happier note, i got a 4% raise today! and that doesn’t include my bonus at the end of the year, woo woo.

i also applied for a position up at headquarters with our “FAST” team (federal accounts support team) – i knew that one of my old coworkers who was also a customer care rep at my store and later became my ops manager had transferred to the FAST team about a year ago, so i sent her an email:

From: Fitzpatrick, Glen

Sent: Thursday, March 31, 2005 10:36 AM

To: Hoagland, Kimberly

Subject: FAST team?

Hey Kim! I seem to remember you used to work with the FAST team up at HQ? I just applied my resume for a position with them today – any tips / suggestions that might come in handy?

– Glenn Fitzpatrick

CCR Annapolis MPC


From: Hoagland, Kimberly

Sent:Thursday, March 31, 2005 10:44 AM

To:Fitzpatrick, Glen

Subject:RE: FAST team?

Actually I am still here but on the Implementation team. The main thing you should speak to is your operations experience. What position did you apply for?


From: Fitzpatrick, Glen

Sent:Thursday, March 31, 2005 10:48 AM

To:Hoagland, Kimberly

Subject:RE: FAST team?

Ahh, gotcha! Yeah, from what it looked like to me it seemed very internal operations based, and that sort of setup is what I’m really interested in. The position was for an analyst… the job opening was closing today – here’s the info:

Job Title: Analyst-F.A.S.T

Duties and Qualifications:

Duties and Qualifications for Analyst FAST IRT:

– Responsible for servicing federal agencies by analyzing E-mail requests sent to FAST through Workflow Manager.

– Effectively classify and route E-mail requests to ensure Service Level goals are met.

– Provide daily, weekly, monthly statistical analysis, audits and reports relating to team performance, trends, and E-Mail volume.

– Interface with Sales, Financial Services, Legal and Marketing Teams to ensure all customer needs are being met.

– Responsible for creating ad hoc reports.

– Resolve escalations regarding E-mails; address status requests

– Assist with account maintenance projects as needed

– Track and assign special projects related to large price plan analysis, re-works and account maintenance on agencies without Account Liaisons.

– Act as the Agency’s advocate to get their issues resolved

– This position is primarily responsible analysis of work received and completed; written correspondence and taking calls may be required when service level dictates.

Candidate Qualifications:

– Minimum of 2 years experience in a customer service organization

– Minimum 12 months in current position for Internal FAST applicants.

– Must have proven experience providing reports and analysis.

– Thorough knowledge of company systems to include I2K, Vision and ACSS, NetAce, IBAS

– Some evening, weekend and holiday hours may apply

– Must be willing to work within operating hours 7:00am-11:00pm

– Limited travel may be required

– Strong Oral and written communications skills

– Highly detail oriented and well organized

– Positive attitude and professional demeanor

– Ability to work with all levels of management within the organization

– Must be able to multi task in high pressure situations

– Strong analytical, time management, problem solving and organizational skills.

– Strong interpersonal and customer relations skills.

– Ability to adapt to change easily/flexible in negotiation.

– Must possess independent decision-making and negotiating skills

– Must have working knowledge of MS Word, MS Excel, InfoManager

– Must have a proven track record of providing world class service

Please apply before: 03/31/2005


From: Hoagland, Kimberly

Sent:Thursday, March 31, 2005 10:51 AM

To:Fitzpatrick, Glen

Subject:RE: FAST team?

This position is actually the same position that I have except a different team. You would be handling calls/internet requests/maintenance of the Government accounts. Same type of stuff you did as a CCR but on a government level. Aren’t you a manager now?


From: Fitzpatrick, Glen

Sent:Thursday, March 31, 2005 11:12 AM

To:Hoagland, Kimberly

Subject:RE: FAST team?

Hahah, I wish – I applied for AMO of Marley’s new store last fall(which went to some new hire), and then applied for ICS at Columbia last winter and ICS here in January, but didn’t get either of those, so I’ve really just become senior CCR, hahahaha.


From: Hoagland, Kimberly

Sent:Thursday, March 31, 2005 11:21 AM

To:Fitzpatrick, Glen

Subject:RE: FAST team?

yeah – don’t you wish that was a real title!!! I do when I was in Annapolis as a CCR.

Well, my recommendation would be to play on the “Senior CCR” role.

Speak to these 3 things:

*management types of activities you have done or are doing

*operational duties

*Customer Service – very big!!

I’m sure you will do absolutely great. You are a very hard worker and don’t mind taking one for the team every once in a while. Let me know.

i really hope i get this, as it would mean several things:

– pay raise

– out of retail channel

– very operations based, which is what i excel at

– at headquarters, where a lot of my favorite coworkers have been going, so i’d be able to hang out with them up there

– even though it says “Some evening, weekend and holiday hours may apply”, from what i’ve heard from other people, because it’s government accounts it’s really a monday-friday job! and if that’s the case, then i could still do classes with the hours that they’ve got listed there, so i doubt that would be a problem!

*crosses fingers*