#3069 – cg dream

this was a REALLY BIZARRE dream i had last night:

where do i start?

most of the dream was in an animated-cg feel, like i was in the movie “the incredibles”. i was at some car race, and each of the participants were cartoon characters. my “family” and i went down to this place in the caribbean, because my brother (who looked a lot like jimmy neutron) was going to be driving a car in the race which was held down there in the caribbean. my grandfather looked a lot like col. sanders (except he was wearing a dark suit instead of his usual white), and i spent most of the race back at the boat at the dock swimming around with three girls in bikinis.

later, dannyg2005 showed up and we talked about cars, and i told him how i wanted to go to monte carlo sometime for their formula 1 race.

the race we were there for was a timed elimination race – you had 3 hours to go around the track, and take out as many of the other people that you could. eventually once it was down to two cars left (an old beat-up van driven by a green ren and stimpy, and a sports car driven by mr incredible) we watched it on tv – it showed ren and stimpy in their beat up van just goofing off and getting high in the van, while mr incredible looked out the window and saw all these other superheros – i don’t remember all, but i do remember batman – walking away sad because they were eliminated from the race.

i don’t remember who won, though, because the next thing i knew i was on some sort of scavenger hunt – all the things we had to find were in that same area of the caribbean as we were (it also switched out of an animated-cg style into a regular, more “live action” feel). i don’t remember all of the things we had to find, but one was a picture of dublin in the caribbean. lucky for us we found this view from a cliff that was especially green and looked a lot like ireland, so we took pictures of that (and also pictures of the zeppelin that was flying overhead, but what that has to do with dublin i have NO IDEA). we also got pictures of an irish pub in the caribbean that had a sign in it that said “dublin”, so we took a picture of that as well.

next thing i remember after that was going to a class that i didn’t even know i needed to take – some english writing class on holding a plot or theme or other such key pieces of a book together. i showed up before the class started and tried to tape a note about my scavenger hunt pictures on the wall and tape the pictures up next to it, when the class came in. once the teacher came in, even though i didn’t take the class, she ordered me to a seat since i was still standing up at the front having trouble with the tape dispenser. i sat down in a chair next to me, and bruno_boy came in and sat down next to me and i showed him the pictures (apparently a bunch of other pictures were of carved granite statues, some more abstract than others), and the teacher got upset at me for not having my homework (what homework?? i don’t even TAKE this class!).

and then i woke up!