#3065 – well there ain't no cure for the tax-time blues…

blahh, i’ll have to file a REAL 1040, not the 1040-EZ like i usually do. i’m not that upset about that too much (after all, just use turbotax web or some such like that and though i may be out $15 for both federal and state, at least i don’t have to make heads or tails of the actual form – i tried to look at it earlier and things had to be filled out SO out of sequence, ugh).

no, what i’m upset about is this… that check is coming back to haunt me. see, when i heard “oh, there’s a penalty – they have to take taxes out of it” and i saw OH LOOK! they took out $531.57! that’s not too bad of a penalty! oh no, see, they consider this check “income”, and withheld $531.57 as income tax for feds, and $126 for state – not only do they do that, but they ALSO penalize you 10% of that check and add it to your taxes you need to pay! muthafacko. dad says i should check my withholdings for my taxes.

so, while i originally thought that this was going to be all sunshine and lollypops for doing my taxes, my ~$600 federal return and my ~$300 state tax due is turning out to be about $1100 due in total ($950 to state, and $200 to feds). ARGH. goddamn 16th amendment.

so, i’m not looking forward to april 15th (well, i am in that i get to see michelle and jen again 😀 😀 :D)