#3062 – bizarro-world

i’ve had these really spooky dreams lately involving ufos… so far it’s been about two or three dreams in the past week. o_o they’re so bizarre they’re pretty funny in retrospect, if only i wasn’t so spooked by them at the time. i only remember two of them, though…

dream #1 had me walking down a street at night, streetlamps lit on both sides of the street, looked like some sort of residential neighborhood. i hear a scream and look up ahead and see a bunch of people running towards me and pointing to the sky behind them as they ran. i looked up in the sky and saw a bunch of parachutes – “hm, paratroopers!” i thought, until i saw that these were being dropped off by a bunch of typical-looking flying-saucer ufos. i started to run away as the first “paratroopers” landed near me – the aliens all looked the same, dressed very preppy with khakis, a white or light blue button-down shirt with a dark tie, and a dark blue or black sweatervest. if i remember right, they morphed into more “normal” looking people after they landed. i hid with several other people in this old house that was falling apart, and we climbed to the top floor of the house and tried not to fall through the floor, worried that at any moment the aliens might come after us.

dream #2 i had last night (well, this morning, actually, after i found out that i didn’t have to be at work until the afternoon). i don’t remember much about it, but i remembered leaving my bedroom and returning just a minute or two later to find it COMPLETELY rearranged, and the first thought i had as to the culprit: ALIENS! this spooked me so much that i actually woke up from sleep and was really worried about aliens rearranging my bedroom.

the guy who delivers our inventory on thursdays was telling me yesterday how he was watching the news and on the news was some guy claiming that aliens were abducting people (who presumably did not use this, bahahahah) and taking them to another planet and eating them. apparently we can’t see these flying saucers becuase they’re in another dimension or some other nonsense. he said that he thought he was imagining things, until on a talk-radio show the next morning he heard someone call in asking if anybody else saw that on the news too, haha…

some guy name “la-ron” threatened me with his mom making a voodoo doll of me today – he was buying a headset for his phone and was talking on his phone with his mom the entire time, and he asked if he could get his discount for being a landline employee, and i told him no, that he would have to go through the intranet site for landline employees to get any discounts. he got angry, but it was one of those types of angrys where you can’t tell if the other person is joking or not, and he said how he was going to try to contain his anger and started shouting “BUT I ALWAYS GET MY DISCOUNT HERE IF I JUST SHOW YOU GUYS MY BADGE! I GUESS THESE GUYS CAN’T ‘HEAR ME NOW’!” and said to his mom on the phone: “when you make your voodoo dolls tonight, remember to make one of this cat here named ‘glenn’!” i told him when i heard that: “be sure that you spell my name with two ‘n’s! otherwise the voodoo might not work!”, and he asked what my last name was so i just laughed at him. when i told kendrick, one of our other customer care reps, how the guy’s name was “la-ron” he said that he might have been creole and that maybe they would make voodoo dolls of me. i guess if i’m going to be out of work sick or something tomorrow, now you know why!

i went out to the club tonight with kristina, one of my old coworkers who is now out of a different store – i sent her a message tonight saying how i wanted to go out and party and since she was going out she suggested i come along too (her boyfriend had left her about 5 months ago, so she’s been trying to get out and about to help forget him, so she enjoyed the company). we went out to the iguana cantina in baltimore – it was really packed in there. did some dancing with a few girls in there, but didn’t get to drink as much or stay as long as i would have liked – i need to be at work at 7 am. we managed to sneak me a free drink – ladies got free drinks (they were given red cups just for the occasion), and she managed to fool one of the bartenders to giving her another drink in a red cup and she gave that cup to me. i had to keep it secret from the other bartenders and so i smuggled it around the club in true smugglers’ club fashion. it was also pretty funny, at one part i was in line for the bathroom when one drunk guy up ahead opened up the broom closet and went in there to take a leak, and the people in line closed the door on him… and then security showed up as the guy was still adjusting his “equipment” and saying “but i’m not finished yet!!” needless to say, they hauled him out of that place right quick, bahaha. i need to go back there sometime again… it was ladies’ night, and there’s nothing i like more than seeing ladies! 😀

afterwards i went to drop kristina off at another club that she was going to be meeting a friend of hers at, but no matter how we tried to get a hold of her friend we couldn’t get in touch with him or meet up. we did however see a car in the parking lot that looked like the windshield wipers had been left on, but apparently there was someone in the drivers seat reclined back – makes you wonder what’s going on in there, hmm? we also saw two guys fist-fighting in the middle of the street on our drive there too, bahaha… it was just a matter of turning the corner and seeing two guys in the opposite lane with both fists raised at each other and we both burst out laughing. i ended up just taking kristina back to her place before coming home to say hi to feisty_fitz and her boyfriend before going to bed (since, again, i need to be at work in a little over 4 hours from now).