#3059 – kamikaze!

er, so i was driving to work this morning, when i was attacked by a KAMIKAZE! no, really! i was driving down the road, when suddenly i see this grey blur head left to right across my windshield, and once it had made it about a foot across the windshield…


that’s all… one second i was listening to the radio say something about football, and the next thing i know: *boomp!*

i’ve got no idea what kind of bird it was (i would guess a pigeon, mom thinks it could have been a dove), but there is now a feather or two stuck to my windshield, and a smudge at the point of impact. it surprised me (c’mon, when were you last expecting to see a bird with a death wish fly into your car – unless you’re zenmetsu and it flies head-on at your car, of course), but i am a little tempted to get a stencil of a bird and paint a small silhouette on the side of my car as if i was a world war ii fighter pilot, hahaha

so, that was my excitement for today. that, and watching what could quite possibly be the best dr who episode ever.