#3057 – emphasis on "books"

i spent today getting my hair cut (now i look like george mcfly 😛 i forgot to get a “before” picture, too, but i can still take an “after” picture, i guess…) and reading comic books. emphasis on “books” – i probably shouldn’t have bought all of these all at once, but man did i enjoy reading them… i bought “maus” parts 1 and 2 by art spiegelman, and “blankets” by craig thompson. both of these i had wanted to buy for quite some time, but whenever i saw them in the bookstore i either didn’t have enough money or for some other reason didn’t buy them.

i couldn’t put “maus” down, and “blankets” really struck home for me with a lot of things i’ve been thinking about recently, especially concerning myself. i might post on it later, maybe. that’s more of a personal post than anything…

i’ve been buying a lot of dvds recently, too. i don’t know why, i haven’t even started to watch them yet. almost as if it’s a queue for me to get through. heh.