#3056 – out of context

bruno_boy: “i’m peeing on valuables!”

oboe_sama: “so i get this email from japan airlines about this special deal they have… it’s a few hundered dollars. well, not really… more like lots of hundred dollars.”

oboe_sama: “so on one side of the coin you have men, and on the other side of the coin you have women, and on the third side of the coin you have kids…”

mytinyworld: “how can you have a three-sided coin?? more to the point, how can you have a three-sided ANYTHING??”

oboe_sama: “triangles are three-sided – RIDDLE ME THAT, BATMAN!”

oboe_sama: “oh, these boxes of krispy kreme donut holes are the BEST! at comic-con some friends and i bought these boxes and cut holes in the corner, and we’d just…” *mimes pouring donuts out into his mouth*

zenmetsu: “… only you, glenn, only you…”

oboe_sama: “…so, does the burger king live with the dairy queen in the white castle?”

bruno_boy: “…’sound dave’? what??”

mytinyworld: “…’sound-WAVE’!”

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