#3055 – springtime for steely dan

i can’t explain why, but when i listen to steely dan music right about this time of year, when springtime is just beginning, it seems to fit perfectly – as if it was meant to be listened to at this time of year down in atlanta, and only this time of year down in atlanta. everything MUST be green, too. i blame ocarina, since she was one of the first people i met who knew about steely dan after i started to get into them, so i associate music like this with atlanta in springtime and from there it goes straight into being associated with music midtown, i guess.

speaking of music midtown, one of my coworkers is now really interested in going down there this year 😀 road trip!

i just spent the past 4 hours or so backing up my backup cds (don’t ask, i figured i’d do it after i did something very stupid with my backup stuff… i don’t think i lost anything – anything important, that is – but hopefully once this is set up i’ll have an easier backup method), and now i think it’s time for bed.