#3050 – dirty old (music) man

last night i went out to a little ol’ redneck bar with one of my coworkers – turned out they were having karaoke night, but we didn’t sing. i was tempted to do “folsom prison blues” by johnny cash, but i couldn’t remember anything past the intro. it was funny though to see these rednecks, especially the guy with practically no teeth, get up and start singing “your cheatin’ heart”, hahaha… i went home and had my bagel before falling asleep on the couch.

this morning i woke up around 1 and took a quick shower before driving down to greenbelt to see my old high school bands play in a competition – they did very well. for those of you who don’t know, i went to an all-guy’s high school, so it was pretty funny to see the tradition of giving all-girl groups a wild standing ovation no matter how bad they were (*cough*seton*cough*), haha… let me tell you, it’s hard NOT to check out the musicians in the all-girl groups after 4 years of watching performances. 😛 ^^;;

after taking a shower, stopping at the atm, and driving about 80 mph to the school, i arrived at the school just before they closed the door to the auditorium since our symphonic band was going to perform. lucky for me they let me in. three or four bands performed after they did, and then the last band – our wind ensemble, top band in our school – performed. they did the BEST version of “march slave” that i have EVER heard them perform. and, as usual, the entire auditorium went crazy afterwards.

i really want to get back into oboe playing, but that requires at least 2 things: 1) buying an oboe, and 2) re-learning how to play it, and possibly 3) finding a tutor.

i got to say hi to one of the old band conductors, and stuck around to say hi to the other but didn’t get a chance to, so i went back home.

actually, i didn’t go straight home, i stopped at the mall to see about getting my hair cut. unfortunately, now bubbles salon seems to have changed around and it doesn’t look like the sort of place a guy like me would want to go to get his hair cut in, and (though one of my coworkers warned against going there – apparently some lady went went up to one of my coworkers and started crying about how they butchered her hair) the hair cuttery said they had a 2 1/2 hour wait, so i left. doesn’t look like my hair will get cut today, then… *sigh*

the good news, though, is that i really do have my 4-day weekend now 😀 so i’ve got a few days to get that taken care of.

i ended up buying two movies at suncoast when i was at the mall – “reservoir dogs” for $7.99 (regularly $14.99!), and “the last season” about the last season at memorial stadium. actually, i think i’ll return that videotape… alltogether with tax i paid $30, and with “reservoir dogs” costing $8, that meant the vhs tape cost ~$22. $22 for a vhs tape??? no thanks, ESPECIALLY when the website sells the vhs for $13, and also carries dvds of it for $16! 😛 i bet i’m going to end up crying when i watch it… ^^; i’ve got so many memories of that ol’ stadium…

now it’s time to get ready for parties – i wish i had the time to go to xxxantiyouxxx‘s party earlier today, but now i’ve got to go to party #1 and play videogames, and then go to party #2 and party with coworkers!