#3021 – something funny happened on the way to the krispy kreme

pretty much i hung around the house all this morning – watched tv shows with stueypark before going to pick up anne from school, and then stu and i went up to umbc and hung out with bruno_boy before my exam.

i also bought my airline tickets for england today! april 14-18 i will be travelling, heading to the airport straight after my databases exam on the 14th, haha… i talked a little bit with michelle before going to get anne from school, and talked a little bit with michelle and an even littler bit with jen about the trip, but we’ll have to plan out things more later. chances are i’ll have to stay at jen’s place – she’s got an apartment with roommates off of abbey road and close to a posh area even though the apartment itself is former public housing that looks like 1975 in the inside (if i remember all of this right… she said it’s actually not as bad as it sounds, haha)… i think that’s something i could suffer through, hehe…

the exam wasn’t hard; we had a question/answer session for an hour before taking the exam, and it wasn’t bad at all. took about 30 minutes and we were given an hour and 20 minutes, for it, hahaha…

after the exam, stu and dave and i went to this a&w hot-dog stand in a gas station by the airport since stu and i were talking about a&w root beer and hot dogs on our way to school. had a chilidog with root beer there for dinner. they sold krispy kreme donuts there, but i wanted fresh ones so we went driving around and eventually called zenmetsu to get directions to the krispy kreme store.

at the krispy kreme store it was just us and a large group of people there – as they were leaving we heard this lady say something about going home and posting her erotic pictures online, and while her friends all encouraged her we sat there eavesdropping. that’s something you don’t hear every day at the donut shop! we joked with dave that one of his donuts wouldn’t have creme filling… and it didn’t! he was tempted to put it up on ebay, but ate it instead. i said “hey! where’s the creme filling??” when it was not discovered, hehe.

dave let off one of the worst most tactical farts ever in the car on the way back to umbc – we had the heated seats on in my mini so he slow-roasted it and then said “boy, that’s a stinker!” i had to push the emergency fart-clearing button to save our lives – holding the unlock button for the doors in the unlock position for a few seconds not only unlocks the doors but also opens all the windows and the sun roof at the same time. that one needs to go down in the “anals” of fart-history.

this post would probably make a bit more sense, but i am tired and the oven is on self-clean mode, so i’m not really that thinking-straight: when we got home stu and i smelled something odd and wondered what it was, turns out the oven is on self-clean so the back door and kitchen windows were open and the fan on in the kitchen. if we had a bird, it would be dead, apparently.

in any case, i am tired, and do not need to be at work until 8 am tomorrow! yay, this means i can sleep in for an hour! 😀

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