#3020 – pin-up

erica, one of the greeters at work told me about and invited me to go to this pin-up party in baltimore on march 12… it’s some party at some bar, except girls will be dressed up as pin-ups! i can’t complain about that, so i’m going to try to go out to that….

march is really going to be party city… niki barr @ o’brien’s on the 5th, pin-up party on the 12th, and parties by xxxantiyouxxx and my coworker kristina on the 19th, haha.

work was ok – was scheduled to work 7 am – 3:30 pm (i was originally scheduled 11 – 7:30 but swapped with a coworker so he could go to an interview). it started to snow around 9:30 or so, and umbc announced at 10:30 that it would close around noon. didn’t matter to me, no classes for me on monday/wednesday/friday. they let me leave work a bit early so i could take some accessories to our kiosk from the store since they were running low, and then ran into suncoast and got nausicaä / porco rosso / the cat returns / pulp fiction, so i was really at work until around 4:30 today. yay hour of overtime, i guess… it was fun overtime.

hung out with stueypark tonight and watched “general spanky”, “silent movie”, and “hey! spring of trivia”.

i have an exam tomorrow night, with a review at 7 and the exam at 8 pm. it’s econ, and the funny thing about me and econ is that i tend to figure out what to do rather easily – i dunno, it just seems common sense to me. it’s not especially fun or anything, just… simple. i’m not worried about it at all, but i’ll do some studying for it tomorrow. besides, even though they probably won’t, with the time that the exam is scheduled to be at they’ve got all day to close school. c’mon more snow! econ class is funny too, the only thing i can really think of all class is wanting to go home and play sim city whenever i’m in class.

my eyes have really been bothering me for the past few days… they don’t seem to be working properly, it’s hard to describe.

i was going to order my airplane tickets today, but figured that i’d wait to just run it by festive again before i buy them. otherwise if i don’t hear back, i’m ordering them tonight anyways. tomorrow i also need to do some chores around the house and pay some bills and pick anne up from school before going to class myself.

i wonder if my eyes are really dry and that’s what’s making them act this way? i feel like i’ve constantly got shampoo in them right now… i know that sounds weird, but it’s the best feeling i can think of that’s similar…