#3018 – about a foot onto its back, because of nothing important

i was eating popcorn seasoned with old bay seasoning and lemon pepper, when i heard mom shout something. i shouted back “what??” and tried to get up to find out what it was that she was shouting about. earlier she had been shouting something about a text message i got to my phone that wasn’t anything but one of my coworkers letting me know about a show on tv about guitar greats.

as i tried to get up, i bumped the corner of my powerbook slightly as it was sitting near the edge of the couch, and it fell about a foot onto its back because of nothing important. some popcorn spilled across the keyboard, so now there’s probably old bay seasoning and lemon pepper inside my laptop because of the way it landed over the air vent.

after being upset about it in front of mom and dad, mom somehow was trying to say that it was because i didn’t have any breakfast (because i didn’t have time before going to work) that i knocked my laptop off the couch. now, this isn’t what i wanted to hear when i was a) frustrated, and b) annoyed at being told all the time that i should eat breakfast (screw that ‘most important meal of the day’, i’m never hungry for it and rarely have time when i do). so we yelled at each other, but nothing serious.

turned out it wasn’t even my phone but my pda saying “you have one more hour to do your homework before it’s due!”, which didn’t even matter because i had already finished my homework hours ago.

at least the powerbook seems ok. it had me worried for a bit!

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