#3015 – like an elephant, speaking of which…

usually when i get yelled at by a customer, it’s someone i’ve never met before. today i was yelled at by the father of one of my sister anne’s friends. i don’t think he recognized who i was, but i know he’s seen and met me before.

i tend to have a pretty strong memory about when things like this happen, and a strong memory leads to strong feelings. i remember being yelled at by my friend’s dad about 3 years ago back when i was a greeter, and seeing another friend of the family start yelling in the store. i’ve never looked at them anywhere near the same way as i had since then, because – really – how hard is it to keep your temper and open your mind a little to understand what is trying to be told to you?

it makes me want to avoid them as much as possible. i think i’ve tried to do exactly that since these occasions.

dad told me tonight that anne is having some friends over. i didn’t ask who it was, but i’m glad that i’ll be at work when they come, and hope that they’ll be gone by the time i get home or i’ll be out of the house when they leave. if it’s the same father who yelled at me today, i foresee a “kill bill” scene recreation going down. speaking of which, i need to buy #2 and “pulp fiction” sometime, too.

i found out today that i didn’t get the inventory position at my store that i had applied for. i figured as much when i started to hear rumors… my manager told me that it went to the girl who got it (who i know) mostly because she had previous manager experience and a wider range of past positions with the company. doesn’t make much sense to me, though, because she was previously a manager and then stepped back down to customer care rep because it was too much for her to handle. at least he told me that he wants to try to work with me to get me more prepared for new positions with the company. eh. i still haven’t heard from the store in columbia about their inventory position that i applied for, and apparently my manager asked human resources about that position and they said that they hadn’t recieved any paperwork for it yet (and i applied for it months ago!).

speaking of not getting jobs, i also got an email from the feds about that information systems position i applied for – i got an email back a few days ago saying that while i was qualified, i wasn’t qualifed enough to get the position. 😛 that’s always the story of my life when i try to apply for a promotion or something better than my currently-employed status. blahh.

i did see online today my bonus check + regular paycheck – taxes, though! it looked pretty much that the amount that was taken out for taxes was about equal to the amount of my regular pay that i would have recieved, so it looked like about my bonus minus no taxes instead. it also looks like it might be going into my bank account already, so perhaps i can order those airplane tickets sooner than i thought! and speaking of my bonus check, i need to go to the apple store to see about loot XD

and speaking both of employment and of apple stores, looks like apple will have a new retail store… in annapolis! that’s about a mile and a half from my house XD can you say “lucky bag”? i hope so! but if i worked there, i would be SOOOOOO broke T_T;; at least i won’t think about g5s until new ones are released…

speaking of luck, c’mon baseball season!

i should get to sleep – i need to be at work at 7 am, and work until 5. yaaaaay. or is it 5:30? whatever, either time sucks. otherwise i’d try to get some errands done afterwards.