#3014 – "ten things you probably haven't done" meme

1. own a mini cooper 😀

2. predicted the success of neobaka ages and ages ago by accident… was joking with zenmetsu about “wouldn’t it be funny if we were linked to from penny arcade or megatokyo?”, checked the site stats about 15 minutes later and saw a giant increase in the logs because of this

3. knew pat sajack’s cellphone number (accidentally!)

4. rubbed elbows with football star roger staubach without knowing who he was until afterwards

5. once saw baseball player rick sutcliffe while walking around in the grocery store

6. walked across the city of hiroshima late at night (between 11 pm – 1 am) by myself

7. had a spinal tap

8. had juvenile arthritis

9. been to 8 countries other than the US

10. flown an airplane