#3013 – brilliant!

tonight i spent a while fiddling around with the cable box and my computer… i’m working on figuring out all these steps…

1. record a show on the cable box

2. watch the show

3. as the show is being watched, run the capture programs on a mac connected to the cable box

4. convert the .m2t transport stream to a .dv file using drop dv

5. open the file in imovie, cut out commercials, perform edits as needed

6. open that file in idvd and burn a dvd of the show

it’s a lot of steps, so i’m working on figuring out ways to script or automate some of it and any other shortcuts i can do.

for the past few months i’ve tried off and on having my hair going back, either by brushing or by running my hand through it. i’ve done it so much now that i just tried to brush it forwards and now i have it sticking up in the front tintin-style, hahaha… i need a haircut though – my hair can reach halfway down the front of my nose, easy. the problem is figuring out a style. hrm.

i talked with jen today – she suggested maybe i dye my hair black. if i did, i’d need to get it trimmed pete townshend-style…

can’t really see the hair in this pic, but all other pics of him i could find were of old-man pete townshend 😛 go watch the video of “the who at the isle of wight” if you want to see better. 😛 that would rock, though!

i’ve figured that when i get paid i’m going to see about ordering airplane tickets XD i think i’ve got it figured out to go around classes – too bad i can’t take my trip during spring break… oh well.

after seeing a guinness commercial earlier tonight i got in the mood for one (a guinness, not a commercial). that reminds me, i need to help ben finish off the beers and bratwurst from the party at his place the other day… there’s a case or three of guinness to go through, and a 6-pack of yuengling that needs drinking! that reminds me too, i was trying to find a pic of the “brilliant!” guys from the guinness commercials to make into an lj icon, but no luck 🙁 if you see any pics of them, point me to them please? 😀