#3010 – you down with ERD…?

ahhh i hate this… i’ve been working on an ERD (that’s an “entity relationship diagram” for you non-ifsm majors out there) for my databases class, and while some parts are easy (“oh, that is an attribute of such-and-such!”), now i’m getting into the hard as hell bit where i don’t know how i should relate some of this stuff to some other bits of stuff…

it doesn’t help that the program that i’ve been using is great for the easy bits, and not very helpful with drawing out the hard bits, so i don’t know if i don’t want to do the hard bits because that would mean drawing it (tedious), or if i don’t want to do the drawing bit because it means that i’ve got no idea how to relate it all together.

ahhhhhhhhhh fuck. whenever i say that i think of a mitch hedberg skit… one of these days i’ll post it.

edit: this is what it looks like mid-progress…

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