#3006 – bored bored bored

i’ve been sitting here since 2:30, and i still have one more hour before my class – i am BORED. i’d skip out on my evening class if we weren’t having an exam next week, and this is the last class before it.

so it’s been a few days since i’ve last updated…

last thursday in my introduction to databases class we had to turn in a list of the people who we’d be working with for our group project. i had missed the very first class because of my work schedule, and at the second class the professor said that if we weren’t in a group to let her know and she’d assign us to a group, so i kept on the lookout that class for a group i could join. i couldn’t find one, so i figured that i’d try to join one through the forums online on the blackboard website for the class… but the professor didn’t have the forums enabled. so, i went to that class intending to tell her about it before class, but i (and 3 other students) showed up for class 2 minutes late and she didn’t really like that. 😛 what can i say, traffic was slow on my 35-mile trip. anyway, first thing in class is she has the groups turn in their group project proposals, and since i didn’t have a group i couldn’t really do anything. after class i went up to her and said “you know how you said if we didn’t have a group that you’d assign us to a group? well… i need a group.” i explained everything to her and how with my full-time schedule for work i wasn’t able to attend the first class where most people started forming their groups, and how i kept forgetting to email her about it during the previous week, and that i tried to do it online but with no forum it’s kind of hard. there’s only about 10 people in the class total, including me. she had told the class that the groups should be about 2-3 people, and since there were only 3 project proposals that meant that there were 3 groups of 3 people each, and i was the odd man out.

(eeeeee festive hooked me up with the im name of jen with one “n”, a friend of hers i met in england who is cute and said i was cute too eeeeee) </glee> 😀 😀 😀

*koff* ok, where was i…? oh yeah, the project!

so she told me that i could try to join up with one of the groups with 3 people, or i could do my own project by myself, and she’ll help me out somewhat so things don’t get out of hand. so, i am now my own group of 1, and she gave me through this past weekend to turn in my project proposal (which i am going to do on our database system at work, since i work with it nearly every day). some parts of the project proposal were hilarious to fill out: “number of people in group: 1; times group will meet: n/a”. so, at least this time procrastination and lazyness works out for me since i don’t have to make any special appointments for meetings and i can always be with my group 24/7!

friday after work i went to a party at a coworker’s place, and a ton of coworkers showed up and we partied and drank up and partied some more. heard rumors about different coworkers leaving or being forced to leave or promoted or whatnot. i ended up drinking a yuengling and a half, a shot of jaegermeister, a jaegerbomb, and a shot of whiskey, and eating one bratwurst. got home around 3 am, had a glass of water and two tylenol, and went to bed.

i had set my alarm for 9:30 am on saturday so i could go to katsucon early, but it helps if the speakers i set itunes to use were actually in the same room as me – it ended up playing “the william tell overture” and other wake-me-up songs in my bedroom while i was asleep on the couch in the living room. i fell back asleep and woke up around noon and felt like a champ – no hangover, no headache, no nothing! i did my project proposal and sent that off, and then took my sister anne to katsucon since otherwise she would have been home by herself all day. i kept it a secret until we got to crystal city when she saw everybody in costume, and she had fun at her first anime con 😀 it wasn’t bad, and i kind of wish i was there for more days than just saturday, but i’m kind of glad i only went on saturday… the con was a bit harder to get around this time, seemed much more crowded, and didn’t seem to have as much stuff i wanted to see. i bought 3 raffle tickets that i wasn’t even able to enter into the raffle because of the info booth closing and telling me to come back the next day to enter my tickets. 😛 oh well, at least it was for a good cause! we got back home around midnight. only things i bought in the dealers’ room were the dvd of “boku no marie / my dear marie” for me, bought anne a tare panda, and got us both boxes of pocky. we were only at the con from about 3 until 10, but it was still kind of fun, though occasionally aggravating. we did see a little bit of everything you could see at a con… now she wants to go to otakon 😛 haha

sunday, after an odd church service (nothing like an old priest ranting for ages about the evils of sexual sins o_o;;), met up with my pal nick’s girlfriend lauren to fulfill my duties as an auctioned bachelor, and we took the metro to the hirschorn museum in dc… we got to see about a third to half of the museum before they kicked everybody out… i need to go back sometime, though, because there were some really cool exhibits there – a sculpture created by hooking together wire coat-hangers, and a giant sculpture of a stick of butter… i want to see this one exhibit by this guy who makes pictures by lighting gunpowder on paper, though. i made this really cool dvd on the computer using idvd of my pictures from my trip to japan… turned out really well! now i just need to order a book of my pictures (this way i have the slideshow and the original pictures together with the book of the pictures!). i’m doing the same thing with my trip to europe now…

monday i went to work, nothing special. worked 11 am – 9:30 pm, came home, did homework, got a 14/15 😀

today: went to work, came home, went to school, got to school too late for first class, so i sat around in the commons all day. tomorrow i have the day off and will be going to pap-pap’s to help fix his computer.

so that’s what i’ve been up to 😀