#3000 – mrf

right now i have 78 credit hours, and need at least 120 to graduate. so, roughly 40 hours to go. i have to take at least 9 more classes, and that’s just in the information systems major! altogether i can easily think of 13 classes i need to take before i can graduate (off the top of my head, 9 information systems classes, a science with a lab, and 2 PE credits).

yeah, i’m not getting out any time soon. i’m taking 9 credits this semester, so that would be about another 30 credits i’d need after this, but it’d still be around 13 classes. even going part-time, that’s about 3 semesters! maybe two if i can work out the other issues with work and school and payment and all (such as tuition).

i’m seriously going to go buy some lotto tickets on the way home from school if i can. $59 million jackpot!

i’m feeling lonely. the problem is when i want to meet people (and by “people” i mean “mostly girls”), i don’t have the time, and when i do have time, i can’t think of any place good to go to.

it’s annoying when 50-75% of the people at school are younger than i am, and the ones that aren’t are either stupid, not-cute, or taken. 😛