#2999 – the who

i find this kind of funny – mom and i are occasionally buying songs online or in stores and then we tell the other person about the songs we bought, and if its stuff the other person wants then i copy those songs over the network to the other person’s computer. i had a bunch that i bought over the past month or two, so i copied all of the ones that i thought that mom might be interested in to her computer… it was pretty much everything except the frank zappa songs i bought, haha.

when she told me how much she likes the who now (she’d heard of them years ago but now she’s really into them), she asked me if i was going to buy “tommy”… “buy it? i already have it!”.

anyway, now she’s hooked on the who, and so i had to copy all of my songs by them to her computer for her. i wouldn’t have guessed that she’d like them, haha…