#2998 – denied

this is some shit… i reapplied for my tuition prepayment yesterday since i figured that they would have recieved my grade report by then, and stop in at work today on my way to school to check my email to see if they sent me any reply in the hopes that they sent me my paperwork i need to take with me to school so i can get my tuition paid.

i get to work and find an email saying that my tuition request had been denied…

Your application for tuition assistance through the LearningLINK program has

been denied.

Name:               GLENN FITZPATRICK

Application Number: 1017096

Term:               01/31/2005 – 05/24/2005

Institution:        University of Maryland Baltimore County Campus

Course(s):          Network Design & Management, Introduction to Database

Design, Principles of Macroeconomics

The reason your application has been denied may be found by selecting the

application number from the Application History page of the LearningLINK

website at [ website ].

Should you feel that you have been inappropriately denied tuition

assistance, you may submit a reconsideration request in writing to CAEL, the

Program Administrator.  According to the Verizon Wireless Tuition Assistance

Program policy, such requests for reconsideration must be submitted within

60-days of the original denial of tuition assistance and should include any

relevant documentation to substantiate the claim.

so i called them up after my first class today and told them that i was confused about why my tuition request was denied because i had started to make payments on my japanese class i had failed, and that i was able to get my tuition for last fall taken care of with no problems, and that i can’t see any difference between last fall and this spring. they asked if i had set up a repayment program, and i said that i had not because the message i had recieved about repaying that class back said that it could be split up into no more than 3 installments and must be done within a year of the course end date, and i had started as of last august:

…1/3 of the total owed is due immediately. The balance must be made within one year of the course end date and can be broken down into no more than 3 installments. Adherence to a regular installment schedule must be maintained in order to be eligible for additional tuition assistance. Repayments may be made by check or money order. Please include your name, Social Security # and course name/number for the classes that you are providing repayment.

they’re going to have somebody from the accounting department call me back within 24 hours. from the sounds of things, they ended the repayment period early on my account… >_< at least i'm glad for having gmail, i forward all this crap to myself so i can keep an archive of this for easy access 😀