#2997 – mixed feelings

worked today from noon – 10:15 pm. store closed at 9, and was scheduled until 9:30, but the manager had me and the other customer care rep stay to work on some stuff. LAME. i was so glad to get out.

my schedule at work has suddenly changed, too… when they had been making the schedule for this month, my direct manager asked me if i had any days i wanted to request off, so i said the 18th-20th (for katsucon, of course). i got those days off on the schedule, and put that schedule into my pda. i was sitting around thinking the other day and thought that for some reason my next day off was tuesday (2/15), but then i thought “how could that be, because my two days off for the week are friday and saturday!” and figured that i was just smoking crack this entire time.

well, one of my coworkers calls me yesterday to find out when the next day he was scheduled to come in, and when i found the schedule and told him he said that it didn’t sound right because he had switched shifts with another guy at work. when i talked with the guy who had switched shifts with him, we soon found a new schedule that had been updated without any general notice, and that was what i had seen which had me scheduled off of work on tuesday. guess what that means? yep, my day off for friday was now a day scheduled to work. 😛

so i complained to my managers about it, and they didn’t really seem concerned. >_< i figured that it wasn't that bad, because one of my coworkers was going to toss a party at his place that night and we were inviting along some old coworker pals we hadn't seen in months (especially hawt chix coworkers), and if i didn't decide to do that then i could try to go to some of the evening things at katsucon instead. unfortunately, this new schedule has me closing that day. so i called up one of my coworkers who wanted to switch shifts with me on wednesday, so then i would be closing the store instead of working a mid-shift. i told him that i could still switch with him on wednesday if he wanted, but would he be able to switch shifts with me on friday so i could figure out what to do with my afternoon/evening? he said "but i'm scheduled to close and you're scheduled off on that day! why would you want to switch??", so i told him the whole story and said that he should check the schedule when he gets a chance because now he's set to open on that day. his response: "if you requested it off over email, print it out and show it to the managers and say that you were given that day off and since you requested it off you want to keep it that way!" the only problem with that is that i would need to be opening the store on tuesday, and i don't want to open the store if i don't necessairily have to (especially not after leaving work around 10:20 the night before), and knowing one of my managers he'd still make me come in that day whether or not i work on tuesday, if only because i'm one of two people scheduled to close that day. so pretty much unless i can swap shifts with someone for friday i definitely won't be making it to katsu that day, and even if i am able to swap shifts then it's still unknown about what i'll be doing that day. most likely i'll end up just going on saturday. the whole situation sucks, though. i'm pretty annoyed about it. i still haven't heard about the inventory position yet, but everybody i've talked to think that i'd be good for it, and that they really hope i get it. one of my friends at another store said congratulations to me already, heh... next up: tuition - i figured that they probably would have recieved my grade report by now (i mailed it out late last week), so i reapplied for my tuition prepayment. no confirmation email to bring to the cashier at school yet, so i don't know what the status is. i figure i'll try to stop in at work if i can on the way to school to pop in and check my email and see, because the sooner i can get this tuition bill to stop hanging over my head like the sword of damocles the better. i still would need to pay the fees for school, and those total up to $700-something. at least i get paid today, but most of that is going to bills. lame lame lame! bonus: my bonus should appear on my end of the month paycheck, should be about 6% or so of salary (they base it on 6%, and adjust that up or down based on performance). that works out to a few grand, so i can't wait to get that in my paws. i've been considering a beefier machine for amv editing, but not sure if that's what i'll end up spending it on. 😛 if i do, i'm going to wait until after new computers are announced. if i don’t spend it on that, maybe i’ll just hold on to it (ha yeah right kthx) or (much more realistic) make a dent in my car loan. i want to get back into amvs some, though… i was re-reading some reviews of my vids on and i didn’t remember half of them and was surprised at how many people really liked my vids i posted. also, this recent review done in the past month of gendo, son of god goes in the “what” category…

originality: 10; visual: 7; sound: 8; synch: 8; lip: n/a; effects: n/a; effort: 8; re-view: 10; overall: 8

good: Now heres one I havent seen before. Really original concept and good use of gendo.

bad: gendo scare!

general: weeee! too tired leave good op…

then again, it’s not the most non-sensical opinion i’ve recieved… (best way to get back at them is to make their opinion public, haha) XD

study abroad: i got an email from school about a new study abroad program they have where it’s like an exchange program for some places in the uk… only place that i’d be able to go to would be in wales, though, and i’d need to bring up my gpa for even that.

valentine’s day: just another day for me, except that mom left me a valentine’s day card, anne gave me this heart-shaped figure with arms and legs from some heart-hospital, and dad got a case of pinkeye. 😛