#2996 – the ham-sandwich gods hate me

i have been trying for WEEKS to make a ham sandwich, but each time i want to make it and go home for lunch explicitly TO make it, i am thwarted every time!

time #1: ash wednesday, parents say “can’t eat meat!”

time #2: friday during lent, parents say “can’t eat meat!”

time #3: today, power outage for past 1+ hours, can’t open the refrigerator!

*sigh* seriously, this is getting annoying! i just want my ham sandwich! ;___;

so, i’m having to settle for a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. it was almost going to be just peanut butter, until i remembered my tube of jam from amsterdam XD

oh, and i’m able to post this since my computer runs on batteries, and it can dial out to the internet via bluetooth with my phone X3