#2992 – SLAYER

ok, so today at work i spent most of the day doing inventory stuff. yay me! i had my interview for the inventory position yesterday so now i just need to wait for my manager to decide who he wants to hire…

today at work this old lady came into the store and she was practically pulling down this phone display until it broke and landed on the floor. she didn’t shout out or anything in surprise so we knew everything was ok, and as the manager came over to pick up the pieces and apologize to her she said “i’m surprised you’re all so relaxed! it ALMOST fell on my foot! it could have SLAYED ME!!!” and left the store upset. she came back in a few minutes later demanding why we didn’t do anything when it “FELL” on her foot. for the rest of the night the key word was “SLAY”, as in “look out! that phone almost slayed me!” etc.

afterwards several of us went out to chili’s to the bar, i had a shot of jaegermeister, a kamakazi, and a red headed slut. our greeter (who is underage but buddy-pals with the bartenders) kissed me on the cheek since i was so nice. XD yo team me! er, “go team me!” (i think she’s trying to get with most of the guys in the store, though… >.> i’m not entirely sure what her game is…)

i got my schedule switched so i open the store tomorrow and work 7 am – 3:30 pm instead of 11 – 7:30… there’s some inventory stuff that needs to be taken care of and it needs to be done in the morning, so this way i’ll get out a little bit earlier. everybody i’m going to be opening the store with will be pretty cool, but it’s not my first choice of managers. oh well.

i felt much drunker then than i do now. i’m ready to sleep, though…