#2980 – oww and (ha)s galore

sex on the beach: 2

kamikaze: 1

long island ice tea: 1

= owwwww my head.

the party was fun, though! and now i have a date with nick’s girlfriend since she won me at the bachelor auction – i was the last one auctioned, so unfortunately all the girls with extra money to spend had already bid on their dates, so i only net $5… i think someone else was $5 as well, and the totals ranged from $5-$20. one guy was won by 3 or 4 girls who pooled their money to bid $11 on him, haha. 😛 oh well, it’s all for a good cause! and at least it a girl and wasn’t my old high school pal luke durney who decided to be the first to bid on me as a joke at $1! haha

(interesting bit: apparently he and a few old pals from high school – josh lattanzi and others – are back there now teaching! luke said i need to sit in on his spanish classes for fun, hahaha. and josh is married now! yikes, hahahaha…).

nick’s girlfriend (laura? it starts with an “L”…) and i tried to think up ideas for our upcoming date, but we were too drunk and too busy sampling each other’s drinks to really think it out, so we figured we’d work on it once we’re sober and decided to just dance with each other and hang out and talk, stuff that’s much easier to do when you’re drunk.

after the kamikaze (which i interrupted the long island to take), i thought i was going to be done for and could already imagine my stomach wanting to stage a hasty evacuation, but lucky for me it didn’t.

i was smoother this time than the last time, though, haha… no “maybe that’s the booze talking” THIS time! hahaha… too bad that melissa, the girl i was being smooth to, had a boyfriend – shucks. when she heard that i was in the auction she said she was going to bid on me, and i told her that i hoped that she would win. </smooth> at least i got kissed by her (nothing big, and i had to pay for it – she was one of the ones running the kissing booth), and later we hung out drunk on a couch in kind of… awkward positions (ha) talking about how cool i was and how hot and cool (haa) she was. her skirt kept riding up while we were sprawled out on the couch (a kind of bizarre couch, it was shaped like the bottom half of an opened oyster, tilted forward slightly, so sitting in it while drunk with more than one person in it was a challenge), but we were too busy talking and dealing with being drunk and the room spinning to care much.

one of the highlights of the evening was when melissa and laura were going to do a deep involved kiss (more of a snog, really), so we were talking about that. WOULDN’T YOU KNOW the moment i go to the bathroom i hear nick announcing that they had something to show us and then i hear everybody cheer. 😛 so i – the nice, charitible guy that i am – donated $20 to the fund for a repeat viewing. XD

it was around 3:30 am that people started going to bed. melissa and i had both agreed while we were drunk on the couch that i was too drunk to go anywhere that night, so laura brought me a blanket and i ended up sleeping on that couch. i had some bizarre dreams that mom and anne showed up to take me home in the morning because one of my cousins was killed in an airplane crash, but alkie-fueled dreams would do that to you.

i woke up at about 8, fell back asleep, woke up again to hear someone leaving (probably laura – she had to meet some people and leave the house around 9), and then i was up and out by 10:15. got home by 10:45, and now i still have almost 2 hours until i need to be at work. not drunk any more, but i feel sooooo out of it – work is going to be interesting…

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