#2979 – i don't think so

i hate doing taxes, i always end up getting money back from the feds and having to pay state, so it’s never as fun as it should be. stupid state of maryland. i get claimed as a dependent on my mom and dad’s return, too, so that cuts down on my refund too. i was just working on it right now online – if i were not a dependent, just for feds i’d get $4000 something back! i was gung-ho and itemizing everything i could get my hands on, haha… even tried itemizing my gambling losses from atlantic city when i went last june or july, haha.

but, get this, with my dependent status i can’t claim a deduction for my tuition and such, so the federal return goes down to $500-something. not bad, but nowhere near as good as option #1.

that’s not the worst of it – based on that federal return, the state return said i’d have to PAY $900-something!

arghhhh… one of these days soon i’m going to go through the regular income tax form instead.