#2977 – first day of classes

quick post before going to sleep (need to be at work at 7 am wtf):

applied for gov’t job today – department of veterans affairs is looking for someone to kind of be a disciple to their information systems people and learn what they do there and help out where they can, some basic stuff and some we’ll-train-you-on-the-job stuff. hopefully will hear back about that saying that i got it and hopefully will hear back about it soon. got a few other positions i might try to apply for as well.

first class was great – prof is like an old harley rider… long hair in ponytail, etc. he was telling us how easy the class should be (“at least you should be able to pass with a c and get out of here that much sooner with your degree!”), how easy the homework is (“40% of your grade is a ‘gimmie’, so you should do your homework or at least have the presence of mind to copy from someone else!”), and how not doing homework can affect our grade (“you’re RETARDS if you don’t do your homework!”). no book, no class on thursdays (“virtual class” where we read stuff online instead), and homework / tests are all multiple choice!

some guy from high school in the class after mine recognized me and when i told him my name said how he was always hearing about me since i was so smart – ‘scuse me… HAHAHAHAHAH.

hung out with stueypark and bruno_boy in between classes. went to kfc for lunch. i think i’ll be going to katsucon, just need to figure out who’s staying where and where i’d end up.

second class wasn’t bad. prof was from belgium so we talked about the supply and demand of waffles. 😛 when he had us introduce ourselves he had us also say why we were taking a class from 7:00 – 9:45 pm (“what in the world makes people want to take a class at this time of night??”). class had 3 breaks in it, making it a lot easier to get through (3 chunks of 1 hour each, instead of 1 chunk of 3 hours). still jetlagged so i wanted to go to sleep in class but didn’t – go team me.

came home, had dinner, found out about from bigbigtruck‘s lj (maybe might try to get to both that and music midtown? looks pretty awesome to me!). feeling much better, just a slight cough and occasional sneeze now.

now must go to sleep for 7 hours before work tomorrow. at least it’ll go by quickly since i’m the opening shift…