#2971 – sick in bed (or on the couch as the case may be)

called out sick today – i’m feeling a little better over yesterday but my sinuses are really killing me, and i still keep sneezing / coughing. yuk. 🙁


i need to dope myself up on medicine and try to get some sleep – i woke up at 5 am and haven’t been able to get back to sleep (but then again i fell asleep around 10 last night…). still, it’s no fun being sick… i hurt too much and have stuff i wanted to do on my days off yesterday and tomorrow and tuesday.

in unrelated news, apparently we get vh1 classic music videos now! huh… looking at comcast’s site it looks like a bunch of channels have been added to the digital basic tier – either that, or deltoidzee worked some secret special magic on my account, haha…