#2968 – wrapup's up

final writeup for the trip is now up at globalglenn 😀

i got a call tonight from coworker tech pal ben about new promotions and happenings at work – now i’m really not looking forward to going back to work… *sigh* told mom and dad how i think i’m ready to start looking for a new job, and they thought i meant after i’ve finished school and i told them no, i’m ready now. they basically said “well, don’t go before you’ve got something lined up” (which i didn’t plan to do anyway). dad asked how i’d pay for school and i said something about using my bonus to get this semester paid for and i’d have things worked out for my next semester. i told them that even if i got that inventory position i applied for i don’t know if i’d take it because it’d still be a matter of going into the store channel, i’ve realized the company has gotten very workaholic lately (recently it’s been extending hours across the board, while always doing things like calling out sick gets you in trouble), and have been doing things like assigning tasks to people that weren’t in their job description to begin with (turning techs practically into salespeople, for one). besides, so many of the people that made working in the store channel enjoyable have been promoted out of the stores or have left for different companies… it’s not as fun anymore.

i foresee tomorrow bringing me applying to those jobs i was looking at previously today, sunday being at work, and monday investigating meowremix3804‘s job openings.