#2941 – wandering

things i bought:


– paris combo’s “living room”

– the who’s “tommy”

– the unicorns’ “who will cut our hair when we’re gone?”


– ham ‘n cheese sub and a pepsi from subway

things i discovered:

– oceans ii records is having a sale on all new single-cd albums ($12.99 each)

– there’s a sushi bar downtown named “NINJA CAFÉ” – I MUST GO THERE!!!!

– huge penguins in the window of an ice-cream store downtown

– my leather jacket has 2 pockets i did not know about before

i wish it were 50-something degrees all the time. the weather downtown was so nice the entire time i was down there. i went there to go find albums by the who (they didn’t have the one i set out to find – “the who sells out” – unfortunately), and when i was there i looked around to see what else i could find. i thought that i had downloaded a song by paris combo from bigbigtruck‘s lj before, but apparently i never did. i’ve only got one other paris combo song on my computer but this is fantastic jazzy music. (i really ought to update radiokrud, actually…). when i was looking around too i found they had a cd by the unicorns – somethinguseful had told me about them and i sampled some of their songs on the itunes store – so since they were having the sale on new cds i bought that one too.

walked around more. i really ought to spend one entire day downtown, someday… there’s so many places i want to check out down there, like restaurants and stores and cafes and such. the weather today was just perfect. i ended up sitting on the dock of the bay (hurr hurr hurr) listening to “quadrophenia” for a long time before going to get lunch and come back home. it was nice to get out and walk around, too… helps to get me set for the walking i’d be doing on my trip.

i’m psyched about my trip – just over a week to go!

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