#2933 – view of deja-vu – or – simple things ain't so simple

i still don’t know what to think.

apparently my cousin got married. he’s a year younger than i.

i spent the first hour of my job today sitting outside in the car while i waited for my manager to show up – apparently his schedule had different hours on it or something. don’t really care, myself. i spent the time listening to bits of cds in my car, and as a result i’ve got “common people” by william shatner stuck in my head. mom didn’t believe me when i said that the album isn’t that bad… i’ll have to show it to her sometime.

some guy yelled at us in the store today. i almost tossed him out myself when he started cussing in front of me. i’m not going to take any crap from a customer who just wants to yell. way to be a dick, sir.

was it just me or was today a day for random text messages? first feisty_fitz asking how to spell “coincidental” while she was on a bus from nyc coming back home (tell me, who do you know that needs to know how to spell “coincidental” while on a bus from nyc to baltimore??), and later i got one from festive saying how we had to see madagascar. that one really confused me since we were already going to go around london and sweden and now she suddenly wanted to go see madagascar?? anyway, it turned out that madagascar is a movie. that’s not really weird at all, actually.

via narie: “Sum up what you think about me in one word. Then put this in your own journal and see what everyone thinks of you.”

yeah, i may not yet know what to think, but i think i could use a hug or something.

i just don’t want this to turn into another case of deja-vu.