#2932 – a watched pot never boils

last night for new years’ eve i stayed at home and had a beer. uncle paul came over and made shirley temples with mom, dad, and anne, and we ate fresh cheez-its and watched television. woooooooo… go party animal glenn.

we’ve finished holiday hours at work now, which means a few things:

– no more christmas music piped in (yay!) and it’s been replaced with 80s music XD;; now i get to hear “safety dance”, “living on a prayer”, and “take my breath away” all day long.

– no more holiday hours! and back to 2 days off each week!

– now we have extended company hours 😛 9 am – 9 pm monday-saturday, 10 am – 6 pm sunday. so this means that tomorrow i need to be at work at 8 am when we used to work 12-6 on sundays, arriving at 10. LAME.

so i’ve got mixed feelings about the whole thing.

i recovered my laptop from work today (yay!), so i listened to my own non-80s-for-the-most-part music while i did my work in the back office, also known as my “cave”. this resulted in me doing a victory dance to “funkytown” when i finished my projects for the day. XD

i’ve been stuck in this sort of mood for most of the day today – i don’t know really how to describe it. nervousness? anticipation? nervous anticipation? i dunno… i just feel weird and don’t know what to say, i guess. it’s weird.