#2931 – our news is fake news

from today’s annapolis capital:

Anybody who sits through two days straight of committee meetings can get pretty sleepy. Add to that a climax that didn’t happen until 3:32 am yesterday.

Naturally people can get a little bit loopy.

The scene was set with state troopers acting as pages in the Senate while lawmakers debated malpractice reform. It was an emergency session, so everyone had to chip in. The House passed a bill in the wee hours, and student pages dropped fake confetti that was actually ripped up from the balcony to signal the end of the session.

The Senate serenaded Sen. Paula Hollinger, D-Prince George’s, with “Happy Birthday” about 15 minutes shy of when her birthday actually arrived with the stroke of midnight.

In a fitting end to the two-day legislative marathon, Sen. John C. Astle, D-Annapolis, dozed off just before the final vote. Then Sen. Brian E. Frosh’s, D-Montgomery, cell phone rang, chiming the “can-can” tune.

It was his wife, wondering when he would be home.