#2927 – awkward

i trust that any of you would be sure to let me know if i was starting to annoy you. ^^; i don’t know why i’m saying this, but i hate it when i feel like i’ve been especially bothersome to people, be they coworkers or friends or whoever. *sigh* i’m just a friendly guy and i’d like to keep things that way, but sometimes i think that certain people are putting up with me just to be nice. ^_^;

still, i dunno… i just get these vibes occasionally. so please, if i’m starting to annoy you, tell me! ^_^;;;

anyway, in more cheery news today…

i’ve had this version of “gin and juice” stuck in my head since yesterday… i just realized for the first time that the band’s name is sissy bar, while the album’s name was “statutory grape” – i had always thought that it was reversed… huh

Which Diesel Sweeties Character Are You?

now if someone would make one of these but with scary go round… 😛

hope kate has a safe trip back to ohio! we weren’t able to hang out today, but it was fun meeting up for a few hours yesterday and i’ll have to see about roadtripping out west sometime.

feisty_fitz and i watched “the terminal” tonight. it was very good! i recommend. if you didn’t know, it’s all based on the story of merhan nasseri (i’ve got to check that book out, it looks very interesting!). mom asked if i was going to try to find him in charles de gaulle airport, haha. i dunno, it would be an interesting story to say that i saw the man who’s been in an airport for the past 17 years…. anyway, the movie kelly got me was the full-screen version, so while it was a neat movie and all it was a little weird to watch on the tv having the left and right sides of the picture cropped and stretched to make it look normal. oh well.

i think i’ll update globalglenn too. after all, i updated moments_of_zen earlier tonight as well…