#2923 – my tin can

the rest of the family went to see “finding neverland” – they say i am in the movie for a brief moment, and that i’m wearing a top-hat. let me join you in saying: “what.”

i’ve had “space oddity” by david bowie stuck in my head all day, no thanks to a scene in “mr deeds”. 😛 earlier today i had the bass line from “money” by pink floyd stuck in there, and i couldn’t help but whistle along as i walked in time with it. XD;;


i need to learn to cook, and i mean real cooking, not just eggs and toast. if this isn’t incentive, i don’t know what is!

my passport is niftier than mom’s or dad’s… mine’s got all sorts of holograms and watermarks and my picture is printed in and it actually has STAMPS in it, while their pictures are laminated into place and it looks like it was set with a 50s typewriter. go me!

my head hurts, right when i’m going to be going out to the bar with my coworkers. thanks, head! 😛