#2922 – dc

worked 7 am – 3:30 today. the store wasn’t busy the first hour or two, then got really busy for customer care, and then kind of leveled off.

came home, anne’s present from neighborhoodies had arrived so i wrapped it and gave it to her – she really likes it! 😀

kate called me, i grabbed something to eat and caught the metro into dc and met up with her at the smithsonian – we ended up walking around dc, grabbing eats at potbelly (tomorrow we must go for chipotle!), and wandering around some more. lots of fun! i felt bad for her, though, since she had been on her feet all day and hadn’t had anything to eat but a croissant. when she had to go i rode the metro back to her stop, hugged her goodbye, and rode the metro back to my station.

now i’m chilling at the house for about an hour before going to downtown annapolis for a kind of going-away party for one of my coworkers… he’s leaving our store and going to our store in baltimore next month, so this is like his last hurrah for the store.