#2921 – snappy comebacks

i was this close to really zinging a customer today – she was yelling at me how her fianceรฉ does not get service on west street, when 6 months ago he used to. zings in italics

me: have you talked with our technicians?

lady: several times!!! and now i’m being charged a lot since i can’t call his cell phone and need to talk to him on his work phone!

me: has he called into customer service from a landline phone while he had the problem? they can see if they might be able to help troubleshoot it from there…

lady: no! we don’t have time to do that!

me: …and yet you have time to talk to him WHILE HE IS AT WORK, ON THE CLOCK?!

lady: and now we don’t get any service out there at all!

me: well, it’s probably a network issue – i haven’t heard any alerts about poor service out there, and i haven’t heard of anybody having poor service out there… what do you want me to do?? i’m not going to personally go climbing the towers out there for you! we don’t have any control over the network troubleshooting in the store, so your best bet is to call customer service.

i don’t know how many times it took to get it into her head that we can’t help her with that in-store and that it’s best for them to call into customer service for tech support. sheesh!

also, i heard that otsukare_sama put in his 2-weeks’ notice! luckyyy… ๐Ÿ™ not as many fun times at work after he goes! ๐Ÿ™

we thought at first that the store was going to be open until 9 pm, but turned out it was open until 10. i set a record for getting us out of the store – the deposit and everything was done at 10 minutes before closing – we would have been out right at 10, too. oh well.

came home, grandmother and grandaddy were here visiting – they gave kelly and anne and i these down blankets… very warm! i’m going to sleep on the couch tonight with mine since my bed is covered with all sorts of stuff from me cleaning up earlier today.

time for bed, need to be at work at 7 am, work 7 – 3:30, and then go into dc to meet up with kate! ๐Ÿ˜€