#2917 – wrong number

eric and tj west, of defiance, ohio: i’m sorry i called your house and left a message on your answering machine, the number i was trying to call was only within the same area code and was nowhere near your telephone number.

yours truly,


anyway, after i made that wrong call and left a message on their answering machine, i found the right number and called somethinguseful and talked for ~30 minutes – she’s fun to talk to. 😀 i was able to switch shifts for wednesday so if anything frees up right we can hang out that night.

now i think i’ll fix up an alkie drink and watch a movie. ^_^

eta: glenn’s original agent peach

– ~1 oz dry gin

– 2-3 oz mango/peach v8 splash

– teaspoon of sugar

stir, then mix together (i just poured from one glass to another a few times), pour over crushed ice, cut a slice of orange in two and add that as a garnish and for more flavor

i based this drink off of orange blossom, but it is very good! i’m going to watch “our man flint”, so i think i’ll name it “agent peach” XD