#2916 – surprise tv set

went to leisure world tonight with dad – we had to set up a tv set at grandmother and grandaddy’s place (she bought him a tv as a surprise for christmas… they’re out of town right now, so we had to go to their storage area in their apartment building and set it up). afterwards, dad and i went to pap-pap’s place since he wanted me to show him how to burn cds. he asked me about recording his tapes/records to his computer, so i told him what he’d need to do that. he also had just recently signed up for comcast internet, and wanted to know how to use his email, so i set up his email program and copy/pasted the people in his address book for aol to the address book for os x and showed him how to use that. he said he’d been trying to get that working right for the past 3 days, so he gave me $20 since i helped him save so much more time.

came back home, watched “hey! spring of trivia” and “you only live twice” – i had recorded them the other day. set a bunch of other shows and movies to record over the next week or two, and i think that’s about it for the night.

no work tomorrow! i need to see about maybe switching shifts for tuesday or wednesday so i can hang out with somethinguseful more 😀 i wonder how her train ride is going?