#2915 – no more eggnog before bed

eggnog gives me WEIRD dreams.

dream #1: i had decided to go as long as i could without being caught by the cops. why they were trying to track me down i have no idea, but i just decided one day i didn’t want them to catch me. this dream pretty much consisted of me running around in the woods or in my backyard trying to stay hidden. at one part i ran to an airport for some reason, and though i had never been there before everybody knew me by name and everybody i passed greeted me as i ran to the stairway to the plane. i was standing outside the plane when suddenly for no apparent reason the starboard engine (and these were BIG engines, about 3x the size of a normal plane engine) exploded when i was standing not 20 feet from it, so i ran away from there to go hide again.

the only other thing i remember is picking up savannah the cat and i plugged a pair of headphones into her eye so i could hear what she was thinking. o_o

yesterday i dreamt that savannah the cat was able to jump long distances and jumped the length of the living room and tried to land on top of a curio cabinet, but she didn’t succeed. really weird.

ok, breakfast is ready… mmm, bacon and eggs.