#2914 – baby, it's cold in my basement

my mom’s side of the family all went to my aunt and uncle’s place in western maryland for christmas today – it was fun, but i always feel like i’m at a dog kennel or something… my uncle is from west virginia, and he’s got 6 hound-dogs (plus one from another relative that they’re going to be watching while they go to visit other relatives in ohio), so altogether there were 7 of these hound-dogs there, and they ALL think that they are lap-dogs, when in fact they are not.

to make matters worse, one of them has a drooling problem, especially when he sees food. dannyg2005 and feisty_fitz and i had to avoid him drooling on us. XD;

we kidnapped dannyg2005 too, so he’s here with us home tonight. we all watched “elf” (MUCH better than i expected, and like bubba the dog when he saw food, i myself had to drool when i saw zooey deschanel XDD).

too bad there is no version of this song without leon redbone on it. 🙁 gah… it’s so cute and sweet… *sappy*

ok, bedtime. pics from today coming tomorrow, and tomorrow dad and i are going to the grandparents’ places to set up a tv they got for christmas and show how to burn cds with itunes.