#2913 – merry christmas!

so it’s christmas morning – merry christmas to those of you who celebrate it, and a happy day to those who don’t! 😀

what i got for the family…

mom: savannah gardens bath soaps and oils and such from crabtree & evelyn

dad: books about the roman empire (don’t ask me, he’s the one who asked for them!)

kelly: the frank sinatra version of “ocean’s 11”, and i pitched in with mom and dad and got her an ipod mini (i think i’m more intrigued about it than she is, checking out the differences between hers and mine, hahaha)… and surprise of surprises, the mailman delivered the ocean’s 11 movie poster i had ordered! i ordered it around the 10th, and it was mailed via priority mail on the 13th and was somewhere in north carolina, and i was worried because that was the last i heard of it. the mailman delivered it, rang the doorbell, and ran XD

anne: my present to her hasn’t arrived yet (unless fed-ex brings it by today), so i gave her a remote-control mini-cooper XD

what i got from the family…

kelly: she had wanted to get me this since my birthday but couldn’t find a good one – i had resorted to crushing ice with a meat-mallet, so she got me an antique ice-crusher – you drop the ice in this hopper in the top (one side for coarse ice, the other for fine ice), and you turn a crank on the front – no more meat-mallet! i’ll leave her to say how she was trying to describe what she wanted to get without giving it away, haha…

anne: she got me the movies “our man flint” and “in like flint” XD

mom/dad/”santa”: the dvd box set of “shogun”; a t-shirt with a jolly roger that says “pirates of the chesapeake”; lonely planet phrasebook guides for italian, french, and german; a leather jacket (i suggested it and mom had me pick it out – i had to “forget” about it XD;); the dvd of “the terminal”; an emergency light for the car that plugs in the cig lighter; in my stocking: a nifty super dee-luxe ice scraper that works forwards and backwards, a renewal of my AAA membership, a bag of wint-o-green life savers (DELISH), a bank shaped like a treasure chest, a collapsable sun-shade, and a dancing hula-girl to sick on my dashboard XDDD

ok, time to get dressed to go to the aunt/uncle’s place for christmas with the family 😀