#2908 – and the non-stop rush of work is over

well, today at work wasn’t too bad – the bossman let the opening shift leave early… i was scheduled from 7 am – 4 pm, but ended up only working 7 am – 1 pm. i was already prepared to leave at 3 (3:30 at the latest), since that was the time that we were scheduled to work earlier this week. i didn’t have to sit in the car forever on my way out of the parking lot this time either! i snuck out a different route to the exit, so it only took a little longer than normal.

for the most of the day at work we were all so out of it, haha. like i said, i opened at 7, and kendrick (the other customer care rep i worked with this morning) and i seemed to really be the only ones doing any sort of work. the store itself opened at 8, and since we had a deposit discrepancy that we had to fix it took longer than normal getting everything ready. most of the time when people wanted to talk to me i was so focused and working hard that i knew they were trying to tell me something but it was mostly going just in one ear and out the other. once the store was officially open, everybody pretty much just hung out. i gathered up the paperwork i needed to work on and sat in the back with it just hanging out with one of the managers and two or three other employees. it got to be pretty funny whenever someone would arrive at the store – there’s a key-card system that we use, but not everybody has key-cards, so there’s a doorbell to buzz to have someone inside let you in. at one point one of the employees from tower records came over and buzzed the doorbell and yelled at us to move our cars because one or two were in the loading area. first off, who is going to be getting deliveries on christmas eve, anyway? anyhow, he yelled at us to move our cars if they weren’t in parking spaces (most of the parking spaces in the back were filled with customer cars, so it’s not like there were a ton of places to park). after that, whenever someone came to the back door and buzzed the doorbell, practically everybody who wasn’t in the middle of something and happened to be in the rear half of the store would run to the back door to see who it was, so we had our own welcoming committee for people arriving. i think mostly we did that just in case it was the guy from tower records ready to yell at us again – one of the managers joked that if he were to try that with us all back there, there’d be newspaper headlines of “VERIZON WIRELESS BEATS UP GUY”, hahaha…

one of the technicians is jewish, and he was telling us how he called his (islamic) friend to wish him a merry christmas and said “how sad is that, that a jewish guy is wishing an islamic guy a merry christmas!?”, hahahhaha

for the first hour or two at work i was pretty zoned out, and did not want to do any work at all. i eventually got in the mood and knocked out the paperwork for the day, and then the manager let us go, so that was all good. i felt bad though on my lunch break – the technicians in the store were having their own holiday party, and one girl brought all these different cakes and whatnot to eat. i went in the break room and saw a bunch of people in there and heard two of them talking about col. sanders and saw two buckets of kfc sitting back there so i thought that we had finally had this lunch that the company was buying us, so i had two drumsticks… and then was told while halfway through my second drumstick that the technicians had bought those themselves for their holiday party. oops… ^^;; later one of the techs came back and looked a little mad and i think it might have been about that, but who knows. another tech, ben, told me that if anyone asked, that i could tell them that he let me have them and it’s not like i couldn’t use food, hahaha… later i saw one of the managers eating a chicken breast from there, so oh well.

anne’s present did not arrive today 🙁 lucky for me mom and dad told me they had another one for her that they got that i can wrap and give to her, so yay. i got an email from the usps about part of kelly’s present that’s in the mail, and they basically said “if you haven’t recieved it within 30 days there’s a form you can fill out!” – gee, thanks guys. 😛 but i have another thing to give her too, so that’s good.

came home after work, and thanks to the peer pressure of somethinguseful i ended up taking a nap for a few hours. it was kind of funny, i used my powerbook to warm up part of my bed to sleep on, and once i started to sleep on that warm spot and the warmth disappeared i finally crawled under the covers. i just find it amusing that i’m using my powerbook as a bedwarmer too, haha… i had weird dreams, though, that anne’s present was finally delivered by a taxi instead of by fedex. but later i realized that it wasn’t delivered by a taxi at all and that they sent me an email saying how “real elves were going to be delivering it on the 25th”, haha… really weird. 😛

anyway, plans for the rest of the night: wrap presents, midnight mass, and maybe watch “the great race” somewhere in there.

man, it’s freezing down here in my room…