#2906 – today was teh suck

suck stuff:

1. had to be at work at 7 am.

2. practically non-stop customers

3. legs were killing me

4. took forever getting lunch

5. rained on my way out

6. my 5-minute drive home? it was 45 minutes long, and 30 of those minutes were spent in the frickin’ parking lot

7. still no sign of part of kelly’s present (which was shipped over 10 days ago via priority mail)

8. still no sign of anne’s present

9. no email messages about the status of #7 or #8

10. an email message from my ifsm professor saying “urgent: if you haven’t sent me your peer evaluation, send it to me by 4 pm on the 23rd!”. it was sent at 11:30 am today. due to #6 i would have been home by 3:35, but instead i didn’t get the message until 4:25. T___T i hadn’t even heard that we were to do one until this message T__T she posted it on the blackboard website, but who goes around checking that damn thing after school’s over?? i filled out the evaluation and sent it to her, she better not hold it against me!

11. i’m sure i’ll think of an 11 sooner or later.

good stuff:

1. jess let me borrow her copy of “office space” since i have not yet seen it – i will copy it for myself and bring it back to her 😀

2. i’m sure i’ll think of a 2.